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Washington Post Running/Depression Article


Here is the link to the article published last month in The Washington Post’s Health section about my experience treating severe depression with running.

The story it turned out, resonated with a lot of people–some who have found the very same wonderful remedy in running, some in other sports such as biking, swimming or rowing. And they sent me the most moving, beautiful, inspiring tales of their own experiences.  Others who didn’t run but were suffering from depression said it motivated them to give it a try.  I hope it helps them. I would love to share these responses, but these were emails mostly personal in nature.

To all I haven’t been able to respond to personally–please know that I received hundreds, and it’s taking me a while. But I really, really appreciate your responding, and want you all to know how validating and inspiring your responses were to me.

Thank you!!!

One thing this particular writing experience has taught me is that there is a still a lot of unexplored territory on the subject, and a lot left unsaid–for all of you and for me.

For all of the extra room my kind, and thoughtful editors gave the piece, there was a lot I wasn’t able to say.  So I plan to write more about it.  If you have a related story of your own you’d care to share, feel free to post it.

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